travelling (ii)

Taxi Driver, Paris: 

You from India?


Oh, I couldn’t live there. Very dangerous. 

Have you been there?

No, no. I go only to Nice and Italy. 

Oh, okay. 

So many people from China and India. France is filled with them. And Muslims. Everywhere you go you get halal food. Because they don’t want to eat. 


Abu Dhabi airport: 

You. Give me your passport and boarding pass.


Just give them to me.

I didn’t do anything Ma’m. 

No English. I don’t know any English. 

(tell your friend not to say anything — sometimes they cancel the tickets) 

Ma’m, my flight is boarding. I am sorry if I did something. Can I please have my passport? 

Someone is coming. Wait. 


You. Have you got something?

No, sir. 

Have you got something? 

Nothing sir. if you want, you can check everything again. 

Then why do you look so confused? 

Sir, I’ve had a very long day. 

You look confused. Why? 


New Delhi – Jaipur

Two bright coloured shirts hanging from a tree branch. For a moment I think they are dead bodies. 

The fear. 

The fear. 


The fear never ends. 

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