last night

A pink figure with red laser eyes greeted me on a road that reminded me of the mario world games before charles rosen started walking on the piano and I became the musical note and walked around the piano that also resembled the roads of the mario world and a little gnome walked out of the garden and started playing drums repeatedly and winking at me before I realize that I was perhaps dreaming but what am I writing and the sound of the clock while I am on the toilet and then my heart calms down right before my father enters and asks me how am I doing and I knew how I was doing and I get up from my bed to photograph the face on the sleeve that was coming out of the laundry basket and then I hear the phone ringing in my room which was in the other room before I forget the world and even before I remember this one and bach and charles rosen and each note as distant from the other as a footstep and I look up to see the face and it’s still there and I remember Satiemania and its faces and this face but the eye won’t blink and I forgot where the music was coming from and then the mushrooms from the mario world jumped up and down the stairs but the eye won’t blink and I remembered a man I still haven’t met and then Paris and Paris and a dog and then suddenly Toumani Diabaté because someone on Twitter had called his music ‘circular’ and I decided that I wanted to sleep in circles but the eye won’t blink





but the eye

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