2013. Some notes to myself.

2014. 24 years.

2013. 23 years.

2013. Jaipur. Calcutta. London. Bristol. Bath. Calcutta. Gauhati. Calcutta. Jaipur. Calcutta. London. Cardiff. Calcutta. Jaipur. Calcutta. Patna. Calcutta.

2013. E-mails. Poetry. Emails. Papers. Not enough photography.

2013. A distant death. 5 years since my grandmother’s death.

2013. Nothing. Not even almost.

2014. 24 years is not long enough to have shadows, I tell myself.

Add, add to the shadow. But first, “give it the shadow”.

Lose whatever certainty you have. If you can.

Forgive knowledge (its intentions are not bad).

Read theory and then forget it.

Don’t confuse precision with clarity. Be vague but precisely.

Remain incomplete

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