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Saudamini Deo.


Words / Images.

Twitter / email: saudaminideo01 (at) gmail (dot) com


Falling from the cycle, Qarrtsiluni
Bokeh, Qarrtsiluni
Tainted Margins I, Interfictions
From, To, Interfictions
Theatre, 3:AM Magazine
Mirages of the Mind (book review), Words without Borders
Perhaps, Perhaps, Interfictions
Why isn’t Hindi poetry being translated into other languages, including English?, Scroll.in
Six brilliant women writers from around the world, Scroll.in
After Tomorrow the Days Disappear (book review), 3:AM Magazine
Documentum / Pictures & Words
Clarice Lispector and the Indian Reader, Scroll.in

I also used to write a monthly column titled Neem, Coal Tar for Kindle magazine.


2 responses to “About / Contact”

  1. not saying this just to say it but because I have to: love your writing. I’m really happy to find it.

    1. Oh, that’s very kind of you. Thank you!

      And, I am in love with your blog. Spent all day yesterday reading each post.

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