Devil’s Daughter III

The Devil’s daughter finds the literary community nauseating. The Devil has taught her that the world deserves contempt and destruction. She once read a tweet that a worker bee makes very little honey in her lifetime and it must be devastating to have it all stolen by humans. The Devil’s daughter is delighted by this. In fact, she steals the honey and then roasts the bee with oil she stole from olives and salt she stole from the sea on the fire she stole from the carbon dioxide, water vapour, oxygen and nitrogen that she stole from air that she also constantly steals to be alive. Not many people know but she exists because she stole cells from her mother’s womb.

When the Devil’s daughter arrives bejewelled in the middle of an unknown forest, all the bees from all the hives fall at her feet. The honey belongs to her. The bees belong to her. The Earth belongs to her.

The Devil is dead. Long live the Devil.

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