Devil’s Daughter II



The devil’s daughter likes to cook in her spare time. When she is not busy inflicting harm on this fragile world, she also likes to read Clarice Lispector. The devil’s daughter doesn’t like to read anyone else. The devil’s daughter likes red meat and red carnations. The door of her high-rise apartment is painted red, just like her nails. On her balcony, she grows red cherry tomatoes that she injects with the blood of the people she hates.

In the fading sunlight on Campo de’ Fiori in Rome, she sells them to unsuspecting customers for an exorbitant amount. With the money she earns, she buys a pair of gold earrings every week. De Chirico roams the Roman streets hoping to find her. He wants to see her once, just once.

Someone whispers on a phone in Volgograd, “The devil is dead. Long live the devil.”

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