An incomplete list of all the things I am


The first thing I am is not good at mathematics. I am not intelligent. I am unmarriageable because I had no interest in cooking, wore shorts, and read books like Dracula. I am ruined because I wore perfume when I was nine. I am too domestic because I eventually started enjoying cooking. I am intelligent because I went to the best university in the country. I am anti-national. I am a whore because someone on Twitter said it. I am also a witch because someone on a road in Calcutta called me so. I am always silent. I am beautiful. I don’t have good skin. I am old. My voice is too husky. I am rich because I wear gold jewellery. I am spoilt. I am very intelligent. I don’t seem like I live in a small town. I am independent. I am not a good employee. My teeth are crooked. I am seditious. I am racist. I am radical. I am mature beyond my years. I am young. I cannot really write. I can write good short prose. I am anti-Hindu. I live in a small town. I am poor because I don’t wear gold jewellery. I am trashy. It seems like I am not focused. I looked too confused in the Abu Dhabi airport. I am a drug dealer. I should try my hands at poetry. I am too close with my mother. I express my opinions too much. I read only literary books. I am too Hindu. I support fascism. I cannot afford food. I don’t know what my narrative is doing. I am really good with kids. I am too cold. I have lived a life of luxury. I am too friendly. My name is Sodamini. My name is Sauda Mani. I am too pale. I am a good photographer. My name is Sardangini.

Sardangini doesn’t know how to keep the camera focused.

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