Notes on love / on disturbance


I find ridiculous the contemporary idea that love  must exist without disturbance, without inconvenience. That love must only be continued if there are no consequences, damage, “cost” (to borrow the favoured business term).

When a person extends her hand into the water, the water is disturbed. When the whisk goes into eggs, the eggs are disturbed. A canvas has to bear the disturbance of paint. A plain wall is disturbed by the appearance of a shadow.

Disturbance is contact.

2 responses to “Notes on love / on disturbance”

  1. “the contemporary idea that love must exist without disturbance, without inconvenience” eta contemporary Ami jantam na.
    In fact, amar toh mone hoy je love is not possible unless one goes beyond the inconvenience, the disturbance.

  2. I totally agree with you … amar o lage je love must go beyond such so called barriers. Prem jodi eta i na korte parlo … tahole what is the point? Anyway, everything else aside: kaimon aachis? Haven’t heard from you in so long!

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