The 27-year-old reporter reporting on duty.

As far as the eyes go, there are only half-dead men with trembling hearts dressed as grooms outside churches. And even the men who had previously seemed rather alive quickly seem to be falling on the ground. The whole scene is as if out of Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, except here men (and only men, not women) are transforming into these strange creatures dressed in suits ready for marriage, but thoroughly unready for love. If women approach these men to ask even a simple question, the heart of these men start beating faster than the speed of light, and they fall straight on the ground unconscious. If women as much as make an attempt to kiss any of these men, they will display signs of hallucinations (demons, monsters, satan, hell) and some even die.

This remains one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century and (astonishingly) as yet unreported by media. The United Nations is soon expected to make a statement on this dire situation that threatens the very fate of humanity.

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