Words for and about my father

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My father, the ever controversial, the ever outsider of the Hindi literary scene, is once again part of another controversy. I usually keep to myself, never getting involved in any of this, I don’t usually even talk about my parents and their work. However, this time some people have ‘threatened’ him that they will reveal his real self to me: the charges are that he is a misogynist,  a sexist writer, a problematic man, etc, etc.

I know the tricks of his trade. He is a provocateur. He enjoys writing things that will anger people. But I am not here to defend him. I don’t fight other people’s battles. I am here only because I have been mentioned.

The kind of freedom I’ve had growing up, I now realize, is almost unheard of. My life, my views, my writings have always been free. So, I am here to reciprocate that privilege: he is free to write whatever he wants without worrying about what I will think of him.

To honour his freedom, because he has always honoured mine.


3 responses to “Words for and about my father”

  1. Dear Saudamini,
    I don’t know much about your father and of course about your mother.
    Just once met to your father for 2 minutes, as a host in one of the condolence-meet for my husband.
    But l can say YOUR FATHER IS A FANTASTIC HUMAN and your mother as well.
    My darling doll, I proud of you as you are a blessed child of a unique and talented parents.

    A basketful blessings for you my love.

    Bhumika Dwivedi Ashk

  2. Saudamini we have never met but I knew bith of your parents ! Your father had been a senior colleague of mine in the government department he was working.Your mother is a pefect lady with all the positive traights of a creative person I have highest regard for both of them. I have the priviledge to know your father since 1983 .He is basically a creative artist and a poet of excellence. The controtroversy has coincidently been always following your father.He is a person of strong likes and dislikes and he does not hide his feelings ! He has been a person who follows the path of Kabir and does not care for any of the attacks on him .He is a poet who enjoys himself and he knows how to make oneself happy .He has suffered throughout his life because of his this ‘transparent’ attitude ! You are fortunate for having such a great father ! I pray to God that he would come out of this ‘controversy’ as he has sailed through all other controversies so far !

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