Lights out!


Back in college, we thought we were the coolest, because, of course, we were. We read the coolest books, wore the coolest clothes, had the coolest political views, we did not believe in gender, we bunked classes, we went to bars and lied about our ages, talked openly about sex, etc, etc.

In the hostel, one night we were sharing stories about the craziest things we’d ever done, we were still feeling pretty cool, until a certifiably uncool girl told us her story: she was watching a film with her best friend and her boyfriend, when the light went out due to some technical problem, and she took a moment to think about how attracted she’d been to her friend’s boyfriend, so without wasting any more time, she kissed him.

“You just kissed him!! Your friend didn’t mind?”

“She was angry with me for some time.”

“And your boyfriend knows this?”


She then said that she’d always wanted to kiss him, and that was the perfect moment, and if she’d let it go, she might never have been able to kiss him.

She didn’t want to carry the burden of an unkissed kiss.

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