Synchronicity #2

Smita Patil

The stunning Indian actor Smita Patil died on 13th December, 1986, after developing septicemia during childbirth.

A few months later, my mother – pregnant at the time – had a dream: she was almost at the end of the pregnancy when she suddenly had wings and was flying into an unknown but exquisite land. She lands on a spot she finds particularly beautiful and was taking in the breathtaking beauty when she saw Smita Patil at a distance. Smita comes to her and asks how did she get here and that she wasn’t supposed to be here now. She forces my reluctant mother to sit on the back of her bicycle and drops her home (at the time, she lived in Pushp Vihar, Delhi).

On 13th December, 1987, my mother miscarried and developed a severe case of septicemia. But, she survived.

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