On India


During my one trip to Europe, I was constantly surprised at how many people assumed I was from London, Spain, and Latin America – but no one ever thought I was from India. I usually corrected them, but it was almost always followed by questions I was not willing to answer.

I have zero sense of patriotism – I find the idea idiotic at best – but just like I won’t talk about my love life, I won’t talk about my country. It’s too personal.

In Paris, at a restaurant, a very kindly old French couple from the next table asked me if I’d come from London. I thought for a moment and answered : yes.

One response to “On India”

  1. It’s a never ending question. I was so fed up of taxi drivers in Mexico City asking where I’m from, I started to say Russia but many started speaking Russian (which I do not speak) and made me look a fool. Lots of Mexico City taxi drivers love Russia and feel a shared political history but London/England not so much. Embarrassing.

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