The Hour of the Star / Clarice Lispector

At the end of The Hour of the Star, Macabéa goes to a fortune-teller, who tells her about her horrible life – Macabéa hadn’t realized it earlier – and how equally horrible her present is. But she predicts a complete turnaround for her the minute she steps out of that building, she was going to meet a rich foreigner named Hans who was going to marry her and give her love and fur coats. Macabéa couldn’t believe it but the fortune-teller told her that she’s always right and very frank – for example, she had just told the girl before her that she was going to get run over. She cried a lot, but it is what it is.

Macabéa steps out of that building, feeling very hopeful, and gets run over.

But we never know what happens to the girl who was going to get run over. What happens to her – how long will she be absolutely terrified of cars and roads and death? Maybe she will die of this anxiety? – or if she’s the one who meets Hans?

Who is Hans? Where is he? What happens to him?

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