Amrita / Imroz


Amrita Pritam, the famous Punjabi poet, used to have a recurrent dream for twenty years. A man stood painting by a window with his back on her. She could never see his face.

In these twenty years, many things happened in her life. She got married, had two children, fell madly in love with Sahir Ludhianvi (another famous Urdu poet), though she never left her husband.

Then she met Imroz. Eight years younger than her, Imroz was to remain devoted to her for life. They soon moved in together, and lived with each other for four decades. They would stay in different rooms and share expenses. Right before her death, she wrote a poem for him: I will meet you again.

Imroz is a painter. Amrita never had that dream again after meeting him.

Imroz talks about Amrita here.


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