Hasan Sijzi / After Tomorrow the Days Disappear


from the Northwestern University Press website:

“HASAN SIJZI OF DELHI (1254–c. 1328) was a key figure in the development of Indo-Persian literary culture and its poetic forms following the Mongol invasions of the thirteenth century… also known as Amir Hasan Sijzi Dehlavi, is considered the originator of the Indo-Persian ghazal, a poetic form that endures to this day—from the legacy of Hasan’s poetic descendent, Hafez, to contemporary Anglophone poets such as John Hollander, Maxine Kumin, Agha Shahid Ali, and W. S. Merwin.”

I reviewed Hasan Sijzi’s first book length appearance in English (trans. Rebecca Gould) for the always brilliant 3:AM Magazine.

Many thanks to Tristan, the editor, for always being so wonderful to work with.


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