Dasgupta / Menon

One relationship that has continued to intrigue me over the years is the one that was shared by Prabuddha Dasgupta and Lakshmi Menon. Dasgupta, one of the most important fashion photographers from India, fell in love with Menon, a young model 25 years his junior. They eventually moved in together in a small apartment in Goa. However, Dasgupta never divorced his wife, with whom he had two daughters. Menon and Dasgupta remained together until his untimely and sudden death in 2012. The couple’s friends often say that they had never seen two people more perfect for each other. In an interview, Menon says about their photographic dialogue: “It’s very private, but it’s just a part of our lives. It’s something I don’t think about anymore because it comes very naturally to us both.”

draft-098f9b16-7637-4a06-b27a-08ddf7574561draft-fc334097-b16e-4381-85ba-14c2f939ab90lakshmi-menon-photo-by-prabuddha-dasgupta (1)lakshmi-menon-photo-by-prabuddha-dasguptaresized_prabuddha_dasgupta (1)

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