Disparate thoughts on life

I remember watching an interview of Vashti Bunyan where the interviewer asks her if she ever felt the need to marry her partner of twenty years – they were separated by then, hence the question perhaps – and she said, so beautifully, so naturally that it was not nice to bind someone to you.

Tarkovsky, while scouting location for a film in Eastern Europe, took Polaroid shots of three old men, who refused to take the photographs from him. “What good is it for? To stop time?”

There’s an old Hindi song I like very much – even if it is used to a different effect in the film – “don’t look back, don’t look back, don’t look back.”

Death belongs to everyone. Life, like poetry, is for a select few.

Does your heart quiver at the thought of life? Is it too much? Do you look back?

Don’t look back.

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