Indian Coffee House

2016-04-15 14.26.36

There’s an old, somewhat dilapidated coffee house on Mirza Ismail Road : a favourite of unemployed scholars and foreigners spending a long time in the city : it’s no match for the famous coffee house of Calcutta, but its mutton dosa has no match anywhere else.

I suddenly remembered Tipu Joshi today, a historian and a painter – an amateur astrologer too, he would never charge any money and would only read stars of people who interested him. He used to spend his days in this coffee house, when, a married man, he fell in love with a Japanese woman he met in this strange little place : this was when my parents were young : the woman spent two or three years, intermittently, in Jaipur, perhaps to be with him : at the end of which, Tipu Joshi left everything and moved to Japan with her. He never returned to India. In Japan he died, somewhat young.

He had a made a cosmic chart for me, just after I was born, complete with predictions. I look at it often, but never tell anyone what is written.

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