These mornings


I woke up bored today – who could I meet

– there’s the school friend, now married, who talks about her in-laws all the time and how she’s not allowed to step out of her house – she once laughed and told me about her sister-in-law (they all live together) who out of sheer desperation started riding a scooter inside the compound of their house / or this guy, an acquaintance, he’s a mathematician, who wants to create an app that will do all the thinking for him so that his genius can be spent – doing what, I really didn’t understand / a friend from college, also married – to a rich man – who once called to ask me if I ever plan to have any children – maybe, at some point, why? – you’re not married –what’s marriage got to do with children — for a child you must have three savings accounts (education / health / wedding) and you’re never going to have that much money – that is true / another friend, a fashion writer, who insists on talking about the squandered potential of our lives, we really could have done something, really, we could have / another friend asks me if I have watched Wes Anderson : no : I ask if he’s watched Kieslowski : no : end of conversation / “I really had hopes from Modi. I really wish he would make a Great Wall of China type wall on the Pakistan border” /  etc.


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