La double vie de Saudamini

2016-04-09 18.03.11

I have a somewhat unusual name – it’s a Sanskrit word, the name is a little more common in the Bengal region, but here in the Hindi belt and virtually everywhere else, everyone has problems pronouncing my name, which means I have heard many variations since childhood: Sodamni being the most common, Soda-mini, two separate words, Saudamani, once a travel agent booked my ticket: Soda (first name), Mani (last name), some omit the Sau before and call me Damini (a more common name), the most baffling confusion to this date was when a company registered my name as Sardangini. It is tiring really to keep repeating my name over the phone : especially when it doesn’t matter, like when I am talking to customer service or ordering a pizza.

I have come up with a solution : I sometimes change my name over the phone. It saves me a lot of time and irritation. I choose the commonest of names : Neha is my favourite.

If someone were to examine my house, they’d find many receipts and orders in that name. It’s a mystery no one will ever be able to solve.

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