A rough note on Delhi (2007-2012)

Suddenly while watching the video of this song, its Delhi parts, I was back in 2007 – in the red building of Miranda House, in that room I shared with 3 others, in that time where I would be late each day for the 8:40 class (the time still fills me with a sense of anxiety), going to Connaught Place almost every day with people who were still friends –it was a direct line and it was not yet crowded – and lying about our age to the bar manager (where, at 15, my father took me for my first shot of tequila) who never believed us but always gave us chips and salsa on the house, where I’d learnt my first arabesque of Urdu – Rehman, I really liked you, you know? I still can’t read as flawlessly as I would like –, and where I discovered how much I like food – I never used to eat earlier, I was so thin – especially momos, and maggi, and a version of Chinese food which I believe is exclusive to Kamala Nagar – K’Nags, I remember – and my heart would beat so loudly when, at night, alone I would walk back to my hostel from the University metro station. And each night, on the roof, we would sit and I would sing Tracy Chapman, and also Avril Lavigne. At the time, I thought people who took cover from the rain are stupid, and I didn’t think that roses had any beauty.

I used to think I was happy. I wasn’t.

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