Crossed destinies


You will go to all the invisible cities of the world, to planets beyond this one, to galaxies one cannot even dream of, to hearts whose colours have not even been discovered, drink the fatal wine, turn into light – able to reach anywhere – and then darkness – to touch what nothing else can. You will destroy and create, murder and consume, love and forget – (sometimes even remember) – you will die, and then choose to return to this mortal world. You will do all this, and more – things imaginable and not, things possible and impossible – for what? For me? To seek my changing forms?

My love, who would have thought that to your endless search there could be such an easy end. I know where I am. It’s not a secret, address available to anyone who asks : but in this strange land, the ancient books command – even I can’t alter the dictum – anyone who enters cannot leave. Who would have thought, my love, that eternal peace is as frightening, as difficult as eternal seeking?

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