Mir/Alok Dhanwa

Talking about Mir
is as beautiful as Mir

And your saying all that
in the candour of ardour,
heart and heart
repeating about heart
saying, insisting that your heart
Janab, is the heart
which has returned from the streets of Mir.

मीर पर बातें करो
तो वे बातें भी उतनी ही अच्छी लगती हैं
जितने मीर

और तुम्हारा वह कहना सब
दीवानगी की सादगी में
दिल-दिल करना
दुहराना दिल के बारे में
ज़ोर देकर कहना अपने दिल के बारे में कि
जनाब यह वही दिल है
जो मीर की गली से हो आया है।

(this is an exercise in translation. Let me know if I can make it better.) 

2 responses to “Mir/Alok Dhanwa”

  1. I like the beginning of this. There is something deeply alluring in these poems that draw equivalencies that aren’t quite equivalencies. The poet I translate a lot, Pere Gimferrer, has a line: Life already is a metaphor of life. It is like a stone you can roll around on your tongue.

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