Evening I.

Cultural Studies exam tomorrow. Reading about the partition.

2007. World history. Read about the holocaust and wept. Grandmother looked concerned but Ma asked her to not disturb me.

2013. Was it easier to live before the partition? It must be. It must have been easier to live before the holocaust. Less history. Less guilt.

History grows each year. Like a malignant tumour.

It’s terminal.

Ma, we will all die of it.

4 responses to “Evening I.”

  1. A lot of history is yet to be written, however semantically incorrect that might be. And, much of it is going to give hopes to those who live it.

    Things can only get better with time.

  2. Ironically historic guilt is felt most deeply by people far removed from perpetrators, either in space or time.

    I hear holocaust makes Germans feel so guilty, they dont discuss it almost to the point of denial.

    India doesn’t discuss partition, at least not enough, almost to the point of denial. I suspect guilt doesn’t play any role in that. What does? We dont give a damn. Is it?

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