I have been visiting cities.

No dog on the road?

I had a dream today in the afternoon where I point at all the streets and teach a child this song:
“Nothing happens on this street. Or on that. Do you see that road going uphill? Nothing happens there either and bored it comes back down.”
And repeat.

Trees have to look like trees here. Green and brown. Umm. Yellow, maybe…if it is autumn. No tree can pretend to be something that it is not. It is not a person or a home to countless squirrels.

No tree can choose its birthplace. It has all been allocated. There is a system, don’t you know?

Any tree growing outside the garden is doing so in protest. Oh, don’t you already know all this? They must be cut down. They must serve as warnings.

A public hanging will deter the crime.

A stray dog might remind people of freedom.

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