It is blue. (Or green). Some shade of the sky. I remember my life in colour. Which is strange considering how much I like the absence of colour in photographs or films. Or maybe not, you know. I have always thought that black and white are colours too. Black is the colour of absence of colours. White may be called the opposite — colour of presence of colours. Though, opposition is a rather childish concept. But who cares, honestly. Red of the mulberry. Brown of the mud. No colour of the school. (I don’t remember school except through its invisibility in my mind.) It’s quite bluish greenish these days. Some colour for which I have to raise my eyes. A tall tree. A sky laden with water. Something like that. What is the colour next to blue? What does it transform into? I don’t know. I’ll know, eventually. I guess.

What colour is this?


“It’s not like anything / They compare it to: / The summer moon.”

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